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Welcome and Thanks for Coming!

Web FSI Estate ServicesWe extend our greatest and sincere sympathy for any loss you may have experienced recently. Understanding the duress a death in the family can cause for all survivors, we welcome you to our home page and ask you to review site content at your leisure. Be sure to mark the site in your browser so you can come back later at any time.

If you are a first time visitor, you are invited to check in first at the New Visitor Welcome Center. It contains research and information from our company that may apply to your actual estate situation if your loved one passed away in Maricopa County, Arizona.  If you were personally invited by letter or postcard to visit us, thank you for coming online to resource and learn about the “steps” involved in the estate settlement process regardless if there is a Will, Trust, Payable Upon Death Documents or and Intestate situation. This information site is sponsored by Financial Strategies, Inc., (FSI), a long term Arizona corporation rated highly by the Better Business Bureau.

Make no mistake.  Estate settlement will quickly become a daunting task if you try to do it all by yourself.  It can grind you down mentally, physically and financially as well because it takes you away from doing other tasks you could be doing if you could just turn the keys to estate administration over to a firm that you can trust and doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg to work for you. Or, sometimes all you need is a financial "coach" to look over your shoulder as you perform your estate manager duties.

Compared to hiring a law firm to do everything for you and bill you $250 to $400 per hour for that work, our company services provide an obvious cost savings which is necessary for smaller inheritance amounts down so you don't end up paying the advisors more than you pay the heirs! 

On bigger estates the typical law firm billing cost factors add up just the same to still take a big chunk out of money that otherwise could go directly to the intended heirs. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire a law firm, especially if you anticipate any estate complications such as missing persons, current lawsuits or pending, fighting heirs, etc. In additions, situations with incompetent or disabled adults, or minor heirs,  incarcerated heirs or any other serious complication dictates common sense to have a legal adviser available before proceeding in your estate settlement journey. Just know if you hire our firm first as your "coach" and consulting firm - proper legal referrals are always available when a situation pops up requiring a legal opinion or legal process or procedures.

Our firm serves normally serves as the “happy medium” of estate administrators and managers who want to turn over the workload for the most part to a credible firm that can quickly execute the estate settlement administration steps, one by one, at a greatly reduced cost compared to what most law firms would charge them.  Others use us only as a "coach" to assist in work they perform themselves.

 We are able to give you guidance on tax issues as well as prepare all final estate (or trust) tax returns. We can also prepare all estate administration legal documents such as a Trustee’s property deed of conveyance for an heir. (FSI owner Michael D. Anderson is also a professional Realtor with Realty One Group and can consult or list any estate home or property desired to be sold for top market price and will do so at a reasonable fee.)

Simply serving as a law firm “alternative” here in Arizona, FSI has assisted estate managers and administrators in numerous estate settlements both in and out of trust.  Sadly, we see way to many law firm prepared trusts fail to avoid probate, thus  forcing at least some estate assets into the informal probate process.  To date, of the many hundreds of trusts FSI has prepared for clients, not one trust, to our knowledge, has ever failed and caused probate.

Some starter steps are given to you for free, the first 8 of 50 steps we use to assist all estate managers who employ us.  We also make steps 9-50 available to and give 2 hours simple consulting guidance to "do it yourself" estate managers at a fixed flat rate fee of $350. At any time things get too difficult, the fee is credited to a general consulting account at full credit!

After over 25 years of practice delivering quality trust portfolios and settling estate for all trust owners, as well as assisting clients needing probate procedures - the experience that is required to do a good job in estate management is assured. In fact, President Michael D. Anderson has over 40 years of financial services experience allowing a deep understandment of all assets, insurance and retirement benefits you will have to deal with now for your deceased loved one.

FSI estate settlement services are provided and available immediately for surviving spouses, children or other family members or advisors who are also named as an estate administrator or manager. This includes Executor or Executrix appointment via a controlling Last Will & Testament or appointments as Surviving Trustor or Surviving Trustee or appointments as Successor Trustee in the controlling Living Trust instrument. 

Or, if your loved one died intestate (without a valid and properly signed Will or Living Trust), FSI can assist as well in the estate settlement process as long as the procedures don’t require formal probate filing.  Informal probate filing and help for a loved one who left no controlling Will or Trust is available with the understanding a legal referral will be made at any point the process requires “formal” probate and thus, representation by a lawyer here in the state of Arizona. (FSI will make a professional lawyer recommendation to you in that case)

When you have the right mindset to tackle the task you have been given as the estate administrator or manager, start by reading the left side links in order from top to bottom so you have a full perspective of the work now required to be done for the estate. The first is a warning (Estate Nightmare) based on a real estate settlement case our firm worked on a few years ago. This example proves -- a lot of money can be drained from the estate coffers over a long period of administration if you leave all the work up to a law firm.  And sadly, they did it to one of the most recognized women in the world (in the 1950's). Miss Frances (Doctor Francis Horwich) deserved better.

A Long Journey Begins With a Single Step

 Your job as estate manager or administrator should begin with plenty of resources and information at your disposal to make it easier.  You want to take the shortest pathway so you can achieve the highest efficiency possible in your work.  START the estate settlement process by clicking on the first side button to get more details on our "concierge" level of professional services available to you. It starts with giving you the first 8 steps for free! 

A single step forward, especially if this is your first time -- warrants hiring qualified help to assist you. During this difficult time while still suffering from the loss of a loved one, let this site information and the available resources comfort you and become your guide to lead you through the entire process. And, if you know of a friend who may need our services as well, please send them an email and a link to this site. I am sure they will appreciate knowing about it as well.  


M.D. Signature

M.D. Anderson, AZCLDP, Accountant, Realtor, Insurance Agent, President -- Financial Strategies, Inc.

Honoring your loved one's

thoughts, plans and deeds

while they were alive as well as yours,

 is our strategic goal as your

Arizona Estate Settlement Advisor.

Let God's Light Shine On You


When those we love go away,

they never really leave us you know.

One can sense their spirit during a sunset,

or feel their touch from a random flake of snow.


Wherever we are, they go with us.

With precious memories always in our mind.

Though their love remains in our heart,

At first -- we may feel left behind.


Yes, it's difficult at first to see the light,

when tears of sorrow create a haze.

But before long, the darkness goes away,

and there will be much better days!

By: M.D. Anderson


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Disclaimer: Financial Strategies, Inc. and Michael D. Anderson are each AZCLDP licensed in the state of Arizona as certified legal document preparers.  The firm and Mr. Anderson can give general legal information under his licensing but can not give legal advice.  If you need legal advice, please contact your current lawyer or request a referral from Mr. Anderson.  AZCLDP's practicing in the state of Arizona are licensed and governed by a supervisory board of the Arizona Supreme Court.  Information you give to AZCLDP's is confidential but is not protected in a "privileged" way as it is with a practicing and licensed Arizona lawyer. AZCLDP fees vary between firms and price is no guarantee of actual performance, quality of services or accuracy of legal documents created. But this is also true with practicing lawyers as well. An AZCLDP can prepare any legal document required for filing in any Arizona court, including probate court but they can not represent you in formal probate or any other court hearing or event.  State provided "do it yourself" (self service) forms and procedures exist for simplified estate administration online should you desire to settle an estate without outside help or assistance. Whether you use an AZCLDP to prepare custom probate or other estate administration forms or do it yourself -- YOU will be required to file and pay all court filing fees when necessary, if not represented by legal counsel. Financial Strategies, Inc. and Michael D. Anderson are also licensed insurance agents and the firm serves as a broker for numerous life and health insurance carriers for Arizona residents as well as other state residents from time to time.  Review of all insurance, annuity, health, or other contracts affecting the estate or estate heirs is allowed in the estate settlement process and advisory and claim filing advice as well because of this licensing.  Additionally, Mr. Anderson is a licensed Realtor® with Realty One Group in Tempe, Arizona and maintains a professional private real estate office.  Reference to this employing real estate broker is a distinctly separate service offered by Mr. Anderson as an individual employed by said broker and not by his own firm, Financial Strategies, Inc.  Said broker is not associated in any way with the services being offered on this website and by the firm Financial Strategies, Inc. other than assisting in selling your residential and commercial estate properties. Any link on this website to said broker or profiling Mr. Anderson's Probate/Trust/Estate Real estate services are and remain separate from all other services profiled herein.  Mr. Anderson is also a registered tax preparation firm with the Internal Revenue Service and practices as an IRS corporate tax preparation firm under Financial Strategies, Inc.  Further, Mr. Anderson is an associate of a long term international law firm whose principle is a licensed D.C. lawyer.  Said firm serves as legal advisor to Mr. Anderson and Financial Strategies, Inc.  If any conflict of interest should arise in a client relationship regarding this relationship, it will be disclosed when a referral is made to a local outside law firm to carry on the required estate settlement process for retained clients. Client testimonials are produced based on actual letters or emails received by Financial Strategies, Inc.  Lastly, Mr. Anderson is a former mortgage loan officer and a former securities registered representative/Investment Advisor Representative and this information is being disclosed to show the full circle of his experience and learned knowledge in his 40+ year career.

Note: To date, Mr. Anderson and his 26+ year old Arizona corporation (firm) have never had a regulatory complaint in ANY of the areas he has practiced in or been licensed in to date.  (Statement made as of "Last update" date shown below)

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